Friday, September 30, 2011

Common Threads Initiative...

The Common Threads Initiative aims to close the loop on the product life cycle - to make old clothes into new and keep them from ever reaching a landfill or incinerator. Reduce what you buy. Repair what you can. Reuse what you no longer need. Recycle what's worn out. Reimagine a sustainable world. Produced by Dokument Films.

Learn more at

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wire Frame..?

Ever wanted to ride a bike with nifty metal wheels? Well, now you can, thanks to London-based designer Ron Arad and his team, who created this awesome bike sporting wheels made out of ribbons of tempered steel, all bolted together at strategic points. So how does this unorthodox-looking bike actually roll?


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Transparent Sea Voyage down the Cali Coast.

Here's another great group of like minded people bringing awareness to our Great Oceans. Lead by Dave Rasta, they call themselves TransparentSeaVoyage. They are about to embark on a trip from Santa Barbara (Cali) down the coast to the tip of Baja (Mexico) where whales and other sea life give birth to their calfs.
I've posted a link below, please have a look and see what you can do to help, its a time for action surfers, people, humans. These guys are doing a great job and its the doing that they are good at.

2011 TransparentSea Voyage 60 Second Trailer from Billabong USA on Vimeo.

CAMEL, tube master from Western Australia!

This next clip is of Camel, an underground tube master from Western Australia's South Western tip.
The wave is a secret spot, its is one of the heaviest pieces of water around, broken many a board and bodies for that matter.
Watch in amazement as Camel comes from the peak further up the reef and into the section they call TOMB STONES. You'll notice a pack of guys scratching to get over the lip, thats were you normally take off......This tube is crazy!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Matt McHugh & Cas Haley Jammin....

More music Mullets, these songs are stripped right back. Its a man & his guitar and we think its as cool as an eskimo in a snow storm! The 1st one is Matt McHugh the 2nd is Cas Haley...Slow down and have a listen....

Friday, September 23, 2011

1% For The Planet Ambassador - Leilani Munter...

Leilani Munter
Race car driver & activist
Visit Leilani's website

Leilani Münter is a professional race car driver and environmental activist.

Leilani races in the ARCA Series, a development league of NASCAR, and is the fourth woman in history to race in the Indy Pro Series, the development league of IndyCar. Since 2007, Leilani has been adopting an acre of rainforest for every race she runs. In 2008 she became politically active in the legislative fight for the environment, making several visits to Capitol Hill to speak with members of Congress on behalf of clean energy legislation.

Discovery's Planet Green named Leilani the #1 Eco Athlete in the world, beating Lance Armstrong for the top spot. Her racing accomplishments have landed her on the pages of USA Today, Italian Vogue, Glamour, The New York Times, Reader's Digest, Esquire and Sports Illustrated named her one of the top ten female race car drivers in the world.

Leilani's motto is "Never underestimate a vegetarian hippie chick with a race car." She documents her efforts to go green on her eco site

Here a recent story Leilani wrote from Taiji Cove in Japan...

The Sadness and Beauty of Taiji

by on 09.21.11
leilani munter the cove boats photo
Photo credit: Leilani Munter
I am happy to report another day of peace at the cove. No blood was shed in these waters today. In fact, since Sept 7, the day they slaughtered the first pod of Risso's dolphins - there has been no killing. They did capture of a large pod of bottlenose a few days ago, but they pulled one dolphin out for captivity and set the rest of the pod free. But the lack of killing around here is not for a lack of trying, the dolphin hunters have been going out every day except one when the weather would not allow it. They have been chasing pods each day, but day after day, the pods have either escaped or they have been unable to locate a pod at all.
I have settled into a routine here. Every morning my alarm goes off at 430am, I brush my teeth, grab a coffee, put my hair in a ponytail and I'm out the door by 445am. I meet the dolphin hunters at the Taiji Harbor at 5am. I use the word "meet" loosely. I sit in my rental car in a parking lot across the dock from the Taiji Fishermen's Union and watch from afar as they have their morning meeting filled with cigarettes before they set out to sea in their boats to search for dolphins.
The police meet me there every day as well. They know me quite well by now, as I do them. I even know one particular English speaking policemen's shift schedule. And they know my schedule as well. That's when you know you've spent some serious time in Taiji. One of the most amusing moments of this trip was when the police pulled me over for the first time (for not using my blinker) and as they walked away said "Welcome back." That's when you know you are a regular in Taiji! We are even starting to have deeper conversations with each other, thanks to their good English (I'm working on my Japanese). A couple days ago, one of the policemen asked me, "Do you fight for other animals, or just dolphins?" so when I got back to my hotel, I made this video:

For the rest of the story go to

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sustainable Seafood Guide iPhone App now available!

It's now even easier for seafood lovers to make informed choices when choosing seafood with Australia's first Sustainable Seafood Guide iPhone App now available! The app is a fully mobile version of our printed and online consumer guide to sustainable seafood. Search for Sustainable Seafood Guide in iTunes or find the App here and download for FREE today!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Patagonia's pioneering sustainable stance..!

Patagonia Says, "Buy Our Stuff On eBay" 

by on 09.16.11Fashion & Beauty (clothing)

Ever the maverick Patagonia gets a little crazy once again. As an extension of their long running Common Threads program (where they take back old outdoor garments for recycling into new fibres) they've now partnered with eBay, the world biggest online second-hand marketplace, to promote the sale of secondhand clothing and footwear.

Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia said of the concept's launch.
"This program first asks customers to not buy something if they don't need it. If they do need it, we ask that they buy what will last a long time - and to repair what breaks, reuse or resell whatever they don't wear any more. And, finally, recycle whatever's truly worn out."
He also notes that, "We are the first company to ask customers to take a formal pledge and be partners in the effort to reduce consumption and keep products out of the landfill or incinerator."
By signing the pledge eBay users will get their product exhibited in the dedicated Patagonia Common Threads Initiative store. When we last looked enough folk had pledged with their almost 100 pieces of pre-loved Patagonia outdoor gear.

At the time of writing Patagonia had the eBay link highly visible on their front page, And it opens right within their website.How many companies do you know, with over $400 million USD in annual sales, tell their customers not to buy their stuff, or to buy secondhand as first purchasing preference? Probably about the same number that have given away $43 million in cash and in-kind donations to environment related causes. 

We doubt this buy-us-on-eBay-first campaign is likely to dent Patagonia's sales of new product in the short term. The reverse might even be true -- an expanding customer base, who like to align themselves with a brand that truly wears it heart on its recycled polyester or organic cotton sleeve. 

'Cos this is a pretty impressive sales mantra:
• Reduce what you own
• Repair what you can,
• Reuse what you have. Sell what you don't need. Buy used when you can
• Recycle everything else
• Reimagine a sustainable world

Patagonia's latest digi catalog...

Here's a sneak preview of the latest Patagonia & FCD Surf Fall/Winter 2011 Digital Catalogue before released to the general punters...

Patagonia Surf 2011

AND for your viewing pleasure, here's an amzing video from the catalog. Here's Kohl Christensen at Cloud Break July 2011... So glassy.. OMG..!

Here's FM's Nav Fox on the day before this perfect monster swell hit... Peeerfect..!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Diet Soda... Pop..!

You just have to look back through the history books and see how obesity has exploded in line with carbonated drinks. Ever since the 50's and 60's when fast food first became popular culture..

Living in Japan during the 90's I saw almost zero obesity, apart from the highly celebrated Sumo's but that's another story, but then this massive spike in the pre teen school child demographic, where they were the first generation to be subjected to excessive marketing that only the red and white brand could do in conjunction with the golden arches, just destroying the ancient culture from the youth up... Nice one..!

Every second child in the "large" cities was massive..!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks...

Official music video for Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People. Directed By Josef Geiger (c) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment 

A sneaky little animation..

McDeath... McDonald’s Soda Fountain Kills Customer

If you thought the food at McDonald’s was going to kill you think again, it could be one of the company’s soda fountain machines.
An 80-year-old woman in Georgia was eating at a McDonald’s fast food restaurant when she went to use the bathroom and never returned, she was later found in the bathroom having died from carbon dioxide poisoning.
It turns out that the substance, used to help carbonate beverages in the machines, was accidentally piped through a leaky gas line in the walls between the soda fountain machine and the restroom.
According to the police chief who was investigating the death, “at a high level of concentration, it displaces oxygen” which cuased the elderly woman to die by way of asphyxiation.
All of the gas lines and valves leading to the soda machine have been replaced and nine other visitors to the fast food restaurant were also treated for symptoms caused by leaked carbon dioxide.
I have a feeling we’ll be reading about a McDonald’s lawsuit in the near future, although the police chief doesn’t anticipate criminal charges since the leak appears to be an accident.
In the meantime the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration have opened an investigation into possible workplace safety violations at the McDonald’s location where the accident occurred.

The Jezabels - Endless Summer HD OFFICIAL [UNCENSORED]

Not exactly the "Endless Summer" usually associated with surfing, but I'm in love none the less...
From: TheJezabelsVideos  | Aug 16, 2011  | 20,562 views
OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO FOR Endless Summer BY The Jezabels

PRODUCED BY Boss Pictures
Marnie Vaughn
Velinda Wardell ACS
Oliver Braslin
Shaun Sprowles
Kyle Spence
Shaun Sprowles
Danny Jenkins
Troy Smith
Nick Plummer
Janeen Brown
Kimba Conroy
Giddian Marshall
Adam Eden

James Boswell
Marte M
Shaun Sprowles
Matheson Vaughn
Dan Todhunter

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Glass is back...

1% For The Planet member, are bringing glass back from,,, the dump... With 75% recycled glass making pieces of functional art... Its great to see the art of glass blowing alive n' kickin'... semi automated or not...

This video shows the making of the very first BottlesUp bottle ever. 2 wooden molds made in Seattle and hauled them to Jonathan Porier at Drayton Glassworks in Savannah. He and his brother Matt made several beautiful versions and colors. With the blowing freehand into a mold, every bottle is hugely different from the last. While very beautiful and now collectors items!, we couldn't get a consistent inside diameter for a cap to make a watertight seal. These did provide a prototype for us to go to the next step. We took the molds to San Miguel de Allende MX to have a large glass company, see what they could do. Still the same issue. More beautiful, hand blown bottles, not water tight with our caps. We finally settled on a semi-automatic process using recycled glass from our current glass company in Mexico City, and we're off and running!
Video by Jacks on Notier

Please buy alternatives to single use, disposable plastic bottles, our children will thank you... ;-)


Water Crystals...

Mozart Symphony


The Earth is largely made up of it.
As are we…

And yet about it we know significantly little.
Until the groundbreaking work of a pioneer Japanese researcher whose astonishing discovery about water, documented photographically, changed most of what we didn't know…and led to a new consciousness of Earth's most precious resource.

Dr. Masaru Emoto was born in Japan and is a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University and the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. His photographs were first featured in his self-published books Messages from Water 1 and 2. The Hidden Messages in Water was first published in Japan, with over 400,000 copies sold internationally.

You Make Me Sick

What has put Dr. Emoto at the forefront of the study of water is his proof that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. By producing different focused intentions through written and spoken words and music and literally presenting it to the same water samples, the water appears to "change its expression".

Love and Gratitude

Essentially, Dr. Emoto captured water's 'expressions.' He developed a technique using a very powerful microscope in a very cold room along with high-speed photography, to photograph newly formed crystals of frozen water samples. Not all water samples crystallize however. Water samples from extremely polluted rivers directly seem to express the 'state' the water is in.

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. He found that water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative thoughts, forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors.

The implications of this research create a new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our personal health. The success of his books outside Japan has been remarkable. Dr. Emoto has been called to lecture around the world as a result and has conducted live experiments both in Japan and Europe as well as in the US to show how indeed our thoughts, attitudes, and emotions as humans deeply impact the environment.

Heavy Metal Music

Dr. Emotos newest book, The Hidden Messages in Water, further explores his revolutionary research. Since humans and the earth are composed mostly of water, his message is one of personal health, global environmental renewal, and a practical plan for peace that starts with each one of us. The implications of this research create a new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our personal health. Available from your favorite bookseller or from Beyond Words Publishing or telephone             503-531-8700       (ISBN: 1-58270-114-8, $16.95, 192 pages (64 color) soft cover.)

Book Cover

Dr. Emoto’s web site

"Half of the earth is water; our body is three-quarters water. Water represents the interface between the 4th dimension in which we live and the 5th dimensional sphere of our soul. Many studies have shown subtle effects of healers upon hydrogen bonding and infrared absorption of water. None of these scientific studies can compare with the beauty and clear messages shown by Dr. Emoto's elegant work. The impact of thought and beauty has never before been demonstrated so well."
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association
President. Holos University Graduate Seminary
Author of 295 publications, including Sacred Healing

"The Hidden Messages in Water is magnificent. Through his genius photography and superb scientific skill, Dr. Masaru Emoto has created a book that is truly a mystical treasure. His contribution to research in spiritual consciousness is positively masterful."
- Caroline M. Myss, author of Sacred Contracts and Anatomy of the Spirit

"As with Galileo, Newton, and Einstein, Dr. Emoto¹s clear vision helps us see ourselves and our universe differently. Science and spirit unite, resulting in a profound and undeniable quantum leap in how we view our world, and how we can reclaim our health and create peace."
- Marcus Laux, ND, Editor, Naturally Well Today

Friday, September 16, 2011

Less than 24 hours to sign the Petition

 Over 630,000 have signed the petition. 

Smashed the first target of 500,000!

Now aiming for the new goal of 750,000...

Please sign the petition and forward this to friends if you haven't already.. Peace

Sign the petition

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Save Our Coral Sea... Isabel Lucus & Angus Stone...

Australians far and wide show their support for a very large, highly protected Coral Sea marine park
From: ProtectOurCoralSea | Aug 30, 2011 | 206 views

To commemorate Threatened Species Day on 7 September, the Protect our Coral Sea campaign has released a supporter's video -- you can listen to Ambassadors John Williamson, Tim Winton, Jesse Martin, Pat Rafter, Kristy Hinze, Isabel Lucas and Akira Isogawa as well as hear from everyday Australians calling for a highly protected, very large marine park in Australia's Coral Sea.

Isabel Lucas and Angus Stone's Coral Sea Love - with Julia Stone's song 'In the City of Lights'
From: ProtectOurCoralSea | Jun 2, 2011 | 33,470 views

Protect our Coral Sea gives everyone a 'don't it always seem to go 'til you don't know what you got 'til it's gone' opportunity to protect our precious Coral Sea for our children's children to enjoy. We believe it is our duty, together, to protect & love these beautiful sea creatures and their ecosystems living in this great oceanic garden.

Please sign the petition at - it's quicker than brushing your teeth!

We hope our video inspires you to help make the Coral Sea a safe haven for marine life.

Thanks for your support!
Angus Stone and Isabel Lucas

Help make the Coral Sea a safe haven for marine life. Sign our petition. Tell your friends. Like us on Facebook. Pass on the message.

24 hours to end ocean clear-cuts..!

Our oceans are being decimated -- deep-sea trawlers are clear-cutting our ocean floors leaving vast wastelands.  A crucial UN fisheries meeting is happening in 48 hours -- and it could be the turning point in the fight against senseless ocean destruction, but only if enough of us speak out now. Sign and forward to everyone:

Our oceans are being systematically destroyed and we have 48 hours to raise the alarm. The seafood industry uses long chains of heavy metal disks to drag nets across the sea floor in search of fish, crushing everything in their path. This bottom-trawling is like clear-cutting a forest to catch a parrot -- and only our outcry can stop it.

In two days, UN policy-makers are meeting to review the impacts of this deadly practice. Pacific island nations are fighting to save the oceans and have appealed to Avaaz members to stand with them. This is our chance to win -- if enough of us speak out now, it will strengthen their hand against big fishing countries, and will embolden serious players like the US and Australia, who have already banned bottom-trawling in their waters, to push for protection everywhere.

Let's build an urgent call to stop the senseless destruction of our oceans -- and delegates will deliver our voices directly to the UN meeting. Sign now and help us reach half a million voices in the next 48 hours:

Massive fishing trawlers systematically move from one deep-sea ecosystem to another, crushing coral reefs, sucking up all living creatures and leaving vast deserts behind them that won’t regenerate for hundreds of years. In a single swoop, some boats are capable of clearing an area the size of 5000 football pitches. Canada, Russia and Spain lead the world in spreading this destruction throughout our most diverse and precious waters.

Already, major fishing nations have had 6 years to study the effects of bottom-trawling and move towards more sustainable practices. Most have failed to live up to their commitments to ocean protection and continue to direct huge subsidies -- over 162 million dollars a year -- to ocean clear-cuts.

This week’s meeting is our moment to turn the tide on this destruction. An international team of marine scientists recently called for a permanent end to deep-sea fishing, and the EU Fisheries Commissioner has spoken out against government subsidies to deep-sea trawlers. The momentum is growing, but it will take a massive global outcry to turn the UN meeting into an important accountability moment. Join the call to save our oceans, sign the petition now, and forward to your friends:

Just last year, Avaaz members provided crucial backing for the UK to create the world’s largest marine reserve. We also helped thrust a meeting on whales into the international spotlight, winning an extension on the global whaling ban. When we work together, we really do make a difference in preserving our seas and the rich diversity of our world’s creatures! Let’s stand together now with Pacific nations and all ocean-defenders to usher in a new era of conservation and protection.

With hope,

Stephanie, Iain, Antonia, Emma, Ricken, Alice, Wissam and all the Avaaz team

More information:

Scientists call for an end to deep-sea trawling (Washington Post)

Deep-Sea Fishing: Marine Scientists Call For Sustainable Alternatives (Huffington Post)

Marine Scientists: Ban Deep-Sea Fishing (Newser)

Deep Sea Conservation Coalition

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sealander - Schwimmcaravan - Grenzenlos mobil from SEALANDER - Der Schwimmcaravan on Vimeo.

Apart from being "ridiculously good looking" (ha), this ultra minimalist caravan leads a sneaky double life, as a boat of sorts..!

This design for the Sealander will without a doubt capture the attention of anyone who likes to be comfortable while camping, but keep a small footprint. The tiny trailer can be pulled behind a car, the interior rearranges from kitchen to sleeping area, and best of all, you can put the pod out on the water if you feel like going boating for a bit. 

How good is the cinematography of the mini movie..? German Super Model..?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Throw Away Society...

 What ever happen to sayings or terms like;
  1. family heirlooms OR hand-me-downs OR passed down through the generations
  2. life time guarantee OR  last a life time
  3. built like a tank OR bullet proof...?
Nothing lasts,,, it seems absolutely everything is designed to be disposable; from Fast Moving Consumer Goods to Marriage... Yep, even marriage is now on the endangered list, right up there with Polar Bears & Bengal Tigers (the list is longer that you'd imagine, thousands and growing daily..!)

It seems that somewhere along the way, the term Planned Obsolescence and Globalisation collided, pardon the segue... The automobile industry in the late 60's & early 70's and by the 80's it was across most industries, including the fast food industry..

Whats interesting is Volkswagen never subscribed to this madness, which is why you still see heaps of VW Beetles and Kombi's bashin' around...

Pre 60's automobile brands where built on their reputation and on how they stood the test of time... Then the automobile industry realized that their days where numbered if they kept building such long lasting products that would actually out last them, then they'd be soon out of business... Enter the cheap Japanese Datsun/Nissan's and the rest is history... It seems that vehicles are lucky to last 10 years these day..

About 15 years ago I bought a 1965 XP Falcon, although she was always thirsty, it was a magical mobile that used to drive me as much I drove it and was properly built proof and fine example of Ford's solid and dominating brand.. Today Fords and most other mainstream vehicles seem almost plastic and throw away and its very difficult at a glance to tell the difference between the luxury vehicles and the cheapest, they all look the same don't last..

The throw-away society is a human society strongly influenced by consumerism. The term describes a critical view of over-consumption and excessive production of short-lived or disposable items.

So,,, what happens when we run out of space for all the plastic rubbish that protects everything we buy and then ultimately throw away and discarded cars pile up and all the available landfills are full..?

When I lived in Japan 12 year back,,, every month was like Christmas..! Out of the blue, near new TV's, Laptops, DVD Players, Digital everything(s),,, Lounges, Beds, seemingly contents of entire units would be perfected placed on the street side for council collection.. It was great at first,,, as I must of filled my place (palace of stuff) 3 or 4 time over in 6 months... But then once i started throwing out perfectly good "stuff" because I didn't have room for it, the penny dropped...

The consumer is in control and business is only supplying the demand...

Japan (the early adopters and driving force of technology) had gone complete consumer crazy, where the latest gadget was already obsolete before it had hit the market place..

Insanity and a grand and now global scale... Is there a word for collective insanity..?

Ego, status, greed, convenience, opportunism, selfishness and disconnection are all combining to suffocate the environment with toxic chemicals that leave a gigantic mess to our children to clean up...

Our Landlord, who's never asked for a cent, is drafting the eviction notice...!

They don't build 'em like they used to... Now there's an opportunity...

New York - Thru the lens of Daniel Ross...

Long Beach firing during the finals of the QUIKY PRO NY
The Lockers Line Up - NY style...
It would've been a case of heightened senses for the top 32 surfers with richest surfing event on record, the expiration date for some and in the lead up to the 10th memorial of 9/11...

An eerie mix of anxiety, excitement, fear,,, and with major doubts about wave quality, size and shape...

As it urned out one of the best events ever from all angles; rivalry, intensity and especially the quality of waves toward the finals...


Sunday, September 11, 2011

White Dove - Tijuana Cartel

This Band from Byron Bay is still one of my favourite and best bands to see live, in a pub style setting...

They've been around the traps for years but just starting bto bust through into mainstream. I can remember clearly the first time I saw them live at The Beach Rd in Bondi years ago and the entire house was wall to wall women, like a lesbian bar and jumping, literally... Didn't have a drink, but was drunk for days..! My eyes are still jumping ;-)

Fitting song for such tragic day... 9/11...


Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson - UU style..

Bit of a Jack Johnson theme here sorry...

Such a fun song to play, especially on the uke with the simple tablature on the left of screen and words below..!


1% For The Planet Ambassador - Jack Johnson

JJ - Love Your Mother...

Jack Johnson | 1% For the Planet Film from 1% for the Planet on Vimeo.
Jack Johnson
Visit Jack's website

Jack Johnson grew up surfing and playing guitar on the North Shore of Oahu. He released his first album Brushfire Fairytales in 2001 and, in the last ten years, has released 5 more albums that have sold over 20 million copies worldwide. With his success, Johnson has always tried to take the spotlight and shine it on issues important to him. In 2003, Jack and his wife Kim founded the Kokua Hawaii Foundation and Kokua Festival to support environmental education in Hawaii's schools and communities. Johnson, his Brushfire Records label, and his touring crew have been leaders in the greening of the music industry in all areas of tour production and album packaging. In 2004, Jack became the 50th member of 1% For The Planet. Johnson's 2005 release of In Between Dreams became the first album to carry the 1% label and his 2005 world tour promoted the 1% for the Planet mission and brand and helped to launch the organization. In 2008, Jack donated 100% of his Sleep Through the Static tour profits to establish the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, an endowment founded by Jack and Kim Johnson to support environmental, art and music education worldwide. 100% of Jack Johnson's 2010/2011 To The Sea tour profits have also been donated to charity.

Through these efforts, the Johnson's have donated and directed over $25 million to charity.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ball Park Music - "It's Nice To Be Alive" [official music video]

The lead single from Ball Park Music's debut album 'Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs.
Released September 9 through Stop Start/EMI (Aus/NZ)

Directed By Alex Barnes
Produced By Glenn Bernauer and Alex Barnes
Original Concept: Alex Barnes / Ball Park Music

DOP - Richard Bell
Editor - Derryn Watts
Art Director - Rhianna Malezar
Gaffer - David Tilburey
Camera Assistant - Lucas Tomoana
Grip - Rhys Forrer
Visual FX - Tim Baker
Compositor - Chris Clark
Art Assistant - Michael Prowse
Hair/Make Up Artist - Ngaire Lock

Shot in Brisbane - Produced by Silver Screen Pictures and Ground Floor Pictures 2011

8,000 Bottles every second..?

The "Recycling Labyrinth" at the Palais des Nations in Geneva

In commemoration of World Environment Day, the U.S. Mission is sponsoring Mona Sfeir’s “Recycling Labyrinth” a work of art comprised of 8,000 plastic bottles, the number of bottles that go into landfills worldwide every second, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

The focus of this work of art is to call attention to the challenge of global waste management. Mona explained that “To reduce, reuse and recycle are very important steps in dealing with our waste and this strategy has long been the focus for many environmentalists… However, I made this piece together with local volunteers to emphasize that it is time for us to eliminate the concept of waste all together.  We need to develop solutions that bring environmentalists and industrialists together with the common goals of living harmoniously with our planet and creating human prosperity—this can only happen if we redesign our products and packaging from the very beginning.”

Think about waste... and waste management... is really being managed or just brushed under the proverbial carpet for future generations (our children..) to clean up,,, or be poisoned by...

If there is 8,000 Plastic Bottles going to landfill every second,,,  I hate to think how many are unaccounted for and being discarded by mindless twits ultimately ending up in our precious oceans entering the food chain...

Pretty selfish...

Owen Wright devours the Big Apple...

Owen Wright making history & owning it.! He deserves every cent..!
LONG BEACH, Long Island/New York (Friday, September 9, 2011) – Owen Wright (AUS), 21, has claimed his maiden ASP Dream Tour victory, taking out the inaugural Quiksilver Pro New York over Kelly Slater (USA), 39, to earn the historic US $300,000 first-place prize purse in offshore three-to-five foot (1 – 1.5 metre) surf at Long Beach, New York.

Read More at ASP World Tour

And one of the best & highest scoring heats (semi) on record, Slater vs Burrow in perfect beachies,,, mental..!

Also, check out the highlights of day 3 in pumping Long Beach.. Keep an eye out for Josh Kerr's "Varial"... sick..!

On the eve of 9/11, who would've thought pumpin' beaches in the city that never sleeps... New York, New York..!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SUMBA FOUNDATION - New York Benefit - September 24, 2011

One Percent For The Planet Non-Profit Member, The Sumba Foundation is hosting The Inaugural New York Benefit this Saturday, 24th September at Sag Harbor Bay...

The Event

Join Claude & Petra Graves, Bettina & Fred Stelle, Terry Simms & Nancy Opitz Simms, and friends of Nihiwatu for the first-ever Sumba Foundation New York benefit on Saturday, September 24th.

Come celebrate the Foundation's 11th year of operation and enjoy a spectacular summer evening on Sag Harbor Bay on Long Island. This special night kicks off with live music, cocktails, delectable hors d'œuvres and a silent auction.  Dinner and live auction follow, along with more live music and dancing.
Live & Silent Auctions

Help us raise $200,000 to support The Sumba Foundation's humanitarian programs -- clean water, health, education, and malaria eradication, which continue to make a dramatic difference in the lives of the indigenous Sumbanese.

Make your contribution towards our fundraising goal by bidding on an incredible collection of items -- vintage surf photos, artwork, luxury vacations, custom surfboards, exquisite jewelry, authentic Sumbanese textiles and artifacts, and more.

If you'd like to donate an item or experience for our live and silent auctions, click here.
Get Tickets by September 7

Please purchase your benefit tickets and tables for 8 and10 persons by Wednesday, September 7, 2011.  Tickets are limited to the first 150 guests.
Can't attend? Or interested in giving additional funds to The Sumba Foundation?   Learn more about the Foundation's high impact aid projects and donate here.  

Join our mailing list to keep apprised of area events and Foundation news.
For benefit event questions call 631.786.4353
For more information go

Laurie Towner - Mesmerizing...

Laurie Towner's no small fry being well over 6ft tall...

Now,,, with fresh eyes, take a closer look at this recent Teahupo'o monster he slayed..

  1. Depth, size of foam ball & poised to pounce...
  2. Breadth, throwing out further than its high...!
  3. Height, lip has got to be as think as he his tall.
  4. Total Length, from foam ball to lip over vertical is ridiculous
  5. Volume, water is one thing but look at the capacity of this cavern..
  6. Suck, water sucking off the reef maybe up to 6ft below sea level
  7. Shape, perfect almond throwing out further than it is high
  8. Positioning, where the laid back, lay back hand deployed, almost pushing off...
  9. Line, he's almost neutral, almost toe side and heading out toward the lip...
  10. Foreground, how much water is in this next section of lip about to throw...
Round figures,,, but there's at least 20ft behind him, 20ft  in front him, 20ft down the line that beyond vertical & its inside height is about 10ft high..

That's Length 40ft by Width 20ft by Height 10ft..! I'm no mathematician, but that's like 8,000 feet cubed..! And this was one of the smaller ones of the day...

Now replay your favourite biggest barrel and do the math...


Monday, September 5, 2011

GROUP LOVE - Tongue Tied (Official Trailer)

Taken from the debut full length album Never Trust A Happy Song, out September 5 (UK) Sept 13 (US)
Director: Jordan Bahat
© 2011 WMG

Beyond Pt1

Beyond Pt2


FRESH MULLET in the Big Apple...

Everyone seems skinnier,,, or is it just me..?
Apparently, if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere...

Well, I gues thats why its affectionately know as the Dream Tour, with a record prize pool of $1,000,000 for this the richest event in surfing history... $300,00 to the winner..!

The has moved from the World's Best Wave, with the most chilled culture, to the World's Biggest City, that never sleeps... In one ssswift manouvre... I'm sure Frankie S would be very impressed..!

And of course,,, from pristine paradise to the concrete jungle... A surf event couldn't be complete without A Vert Jam Skate Session with the Kelly Slater of skate, Tony Hawk & friends, the perfect way to open the Quik Pro NYC style...

Check out the 14yo young gun, mental..

Hurricane Katia sends rising surf to the region on Monday and Tuesday. Katia sets up solid surf during the middle and second half of the upcoming week.

You can check it all out at

Sunday, September 4, 2011

1% For The Planet Ambassador - Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis is a visionary photographer, director, and social artist, known for his creativity and boundless energy. He is widely recognized for re-imagining and redefining the intersection of art and popular culture through still and moving pictures. Chase's commercial work for brands like Nike, Pepsi, Volvo, Reebok, Apple, Red Bull and SanDisk has earned him Hasselblad Master and Nikon Master status, and has been recognized by the International Photography Awards, Prix de la Photographie Paris, The Advertising Photographers of America and numerous other organizations.

Chase's push into personal work and fine art has rapidly gained the attention of curators and art critics, mainstream audiences, and celebrity circles worldwide. He has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wired Magazine, The LA Times and numerous television networks worldwide.

Chase is the creator of three books and the best-selling 'Best Camera' iPhone app.


1. Best Camera = An iPhone photo app that allows you to shoot, add creative effects, and share your images more simply and powerfully than ever before. Virtually limitless creativity, and the ability to share photos directly from Best Camera to Facebook, Twitter, via email at a new iPhone photo sharing site, I’ve poured all my experience into creating this app, and I’ve partnered with my ubersmart software developer friends, Ubermind, to bring you Best Camera. Read more and/or buy it from iTunes here.

2. The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You = A book of my iPhone photography from around the world. The first of its kind. It’s both a playful celebration of mobile photography and a serious artistic endeavor. It’s the production of my ideas and the way I see the world. It’s real and it’s RAW. I hope you dig it. Learn more and/or buy it here on preorder now – should be shipping this week.

3. = This is the hub of this ecosystem and a new photo community. It gives you the how-to videos for the app, the nuts and bolts of the book and is the support and feedback center. But most importantly, it’s a living, breathing feed of images from around the world created with Best Camera iPhone app. From within the app share your iPhone work here at the first photo community of its kind. Buy the app, login from your iPhone and join the revolution.

Here’s a video tour of the iPhone app Best Camera

One Straw Revolution - Zen Farming...

I had the pleasure of reading Masanobu Fukuoka's inspirational book "One Straw Revolution", more info at, whilst siting on an idyllic porch over looking a majestic "Do Nothing" style "No Dig" Garden, cover to cover, whilst a photo shoot was taking place for a local food book. Not only is it the easiest read in history and I think that's because he's not trying to prove anything, merely align, so its one of the most fascinating and comforting reads I've ever experienced also... Its seems that life is so simple when you stop trying to control it... 

Fukuoka and his subsequent movement is the inspiration to many modern movements (like permaculture, biodiversity, sustainability & holistic management, etc...) all turning back to nature... For nature is perfect and we are stuffing it up! 

Who & when...?  Us & Now...!


"The One Straw Revolution" narrated by the book's editor Larry Korn. In 1973, he was under the tutelage of his Sensei (teacher), Masanobu Fukuoka, who lived in Shikoku Island, Japan. Korn received a hands-on education in the art of non-cultivation and do-nothing, natural farming. Translated in many languages, Masanobu Fukuoka wrote "The One Straw Revolution," (New York Book Reviews), a classic memoir and guide. You'll learn about his philosophy and the Four Principles of Natural Farming: no cultivation; no chemical fertilizer or prepare compost; no weeding by tillage and herbicides; and no dependence on chemicals. Even though his methods require less labor, it can result in higher yields for your farm or garden. To learn more, visit

*Produced and edited by Joy and Daniel Davis of Beyond 50 Productions.

**Narration and photos provided by Larry Korn, editor and translator of "The One Straw Revolution" (

***Video Images from "The Close to Nature Garden with Masanobu Fukuoka", courtesy of Rodale Press and Bullfrog Films, Inc.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Joe Goddard feat. Valentina - Gabriel (Official Video)

Joe Goddard feat. Valentina - Gabriel (Official Video) from Greco-Roman on Vimeo.

It's been a kind year for waves & its been a kinder year for music...

This track from Joe Goddard featuring Valentina has captured to minds of many and is giving Goyte's Somebody that I used to know a real run for his money...Its going to be super interesting to see just who tops to Triple J Hottest 100 this year..

Noway,,, how funny a Joe Goddard Remix special just came on the radio, sick..! synchronicity.. ;-)


99 Bottles of Beer,,, on the,,, wall...

For the past couple of months we've been working on a fantastic bottle project and looking into design principals to eliminate the "disposable" part of the disposable bottle industry, not necessary...We're not usually ones for promoting beverage companies, especially alcoholic brands, but this particular find is such a great example of multi-use and anti-disposable,,, that we just had to share it...

Fifty years ago the Heineken Beer company looked at reshaping its beer bottle to be useful as a building block. It never happened, so Buddhist monks from Thailand's Sisaket province took matters into their own hands and collected a million bottles to build the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple. It puts every other bottle building we have shown to shame and its enough to drive seasoned drinkers to the... temple...

From Bottle to Building Block... Blind...
Even the washrooms and the crematorium are built of bottles, a mix of green Heineken and brown local Chang beer.
800 & 88,000,,, 800 & 81..... or was it 82..? Start again...
What..? I said INTRICATE detail..!

Arty mirror shot from through the bottle gap..
I said, INTRICATE roof line detail... Hiccup...
Buddhist Monks hmm... I do need a trim...
We've all seen bottle buildings before, but this surely takes sustainability to another level... I wonder who the architect was..?

No wonder Buddha always had a smile on his fat little face,,, sustainability make you happy..


Forest Architecture

Remember that magical feeling of when you made your first tree house? I just got it back from the clip below!

If ever there was a prize for keeping buildings real, organic, alive, or in tune with nature through architecture then SunRay would have won a heap of em, he may have not collected but that besides the point. His designs, concepts and love for whats natural are a great example of what's achievable if you think out side the box! Enjoy....

Inspired By... SunRay Kelley from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Still... Surfing... by Nathan Oldfield

Stillbirth & Surfing from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.


Mark Twain said that there aren’t enough words in all the languages in the world to express the sorrow of losing a child. This is a short film I produced while grieving for my daughter, Willow, who was stillborn.

This short actually forms the centrepiece of a feature length surf film I made, called Seaworthy. Since the film’s release, I have received many heartfelt words of sympathy & encouragement. There have been scores of letters & emails from surfers from all over the world that have been sensitive & authentic & moving. I have been especially touched by the messages from those who have travelled their own grief journeys. I am awed & humbled that my work somehow resonated with others’ broken hearts.

A common theme echoed among the beautiful feedback I’ve received is that the story deserves a wider audience. Surf films, by definition, appeal to only a limited demographic, & the kind of surf films I make are left-of-centre even within surfing circles. So I decided to post this online, in the hope that it may reach a few others, especially those who may be living with loss & longing.

All of us experience & express grief in varied ways, which is a good thing since we’re all different. Because I’m a surfer, this is how I gave expression to my experience of bereavement.

Thanks for taking the time to watch.

Black n White Gold... has surely taken some amazing shots in his time and this priceless gem of our good friend Bob McTavish at Noosa in 1965 is no exception and captured my imagination more times than I care to remember.

So its time to share, just be careful as you can mind surf these loggin dreams for days... Don't stay up too late kids, its a school night...

The one, the only Bob McTavish, living legend. Last time we visited Bob he was almost running up the stairs to his office, fresh out of a total knee replacement and contemplating a surf,,, within 2 weeks of the knife... Grin from ear to ear, happier than Larry...  I want to be just like that when I grow up...

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