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1% for the Planet is a rapidly growing global network of businesses, brands and sustainability advocates, collaborating to take a powerful stand for a healthier planet.

“It’s well within our reach to make the 1% for the Planet network the world’s largest funder of environmental causes.” – Terry Kellogg, CEO, 1% for the Planet

For too long, business and the environment have been at odds, with short-term profit trumping long-term economic and environmental sustainability. Meanwhile, environmental organizations have mobilized to meet the challenge, but less than two percent of all charitable giving in the U.S. goes to sustainability causes. Business leaders are recognizing that their future depends on a healthy natural environment and that their customers expect them to do their part. At the same time, thousands of dedicated environmental groups are making significant, positive impact. The challenge is connecting the two – using the scale, reach and financial resources of business to amplify and accelerate the good work of the environmental non-profits.

1% for the Planet is changing this dynamic – proving that corporate investment in environmental sustainability simply makes good business sense. We inspire companies to become a part of the solution by embracing the environment as a core value and investing at least 1% of their annual revenue with sustainability-focused non-profits. We connect our member companies with approved high impact environmental champions, fostering collaboration while ensuring mutual accountability.We endorse their commitments with our inspiring but light-hearted brand, and we broadcast their achievement worldwide, generating brand-enhancing visibility for our members and partners.


  • 1400+ member companies
  • 2500 certified environmental non-profits
  • 44 countries represented
  • $22 million invested in 2010
  • Over $100 million since 2002

Membership in the 1% for the Planet network identifies companies as proactive stewards of the environment. By using the 1% for the Planet logo to endorse their brand, members send a clear and credible message to consumers, employees and business partners: “Together we are creating a sustainable economy.”

Companies gain membership in the network by committing 1% of their annual revenue to sustainability-focused non-profits of their choice, including annual membership dues to support 1% for the Planet itself. Some of our members: MEC, Wonderful Pistachios, Lea Nature, EcoTools, Klean Kanteen, and Patagonia.

1% for the Planet builds trust and credibility in the market. First, it certifies all participating non-profits to ensure they are focused on sustainability issues, with a clear track record and a high likelihood of achieving their mission. Second, it certifies that members honor their annual commitments, even though donations flow directly from members to approved non-profit organizations.

The 1% for the Planet network brings together like-minded leaders who share a belief that business can be a vital catalyst for positive environmental change. Members benefit from the intellectual vitality of their peers and non-profit leaders, connecting with each other to share ideas, solve problems and build lasting business and personal relationships.


1% for the Planet Brand Reach 

  • 1 billion impressions on member product packaging each year
  • 100 million advertising impressions via media-member-donated ad inventory and public relations.
  • High profile Ambassadors including Jack Johnson, Leilani Munter and Kim Jordan.
  • 1% for the Planet album, featuring exclusive tracks from 40 artists – 20,000 distributed.
  • 1% for the Planet short film, featured at film festivals and viewed over 12,000 times online.

Consumer Demand* 

  • Two-thirds take action buying and recommending to support companies committed to sustainability.
  • 72% expect companies to take action to preserve and sustain the environment.
  • 63% want brands to make it easier for them to make a positive difference.
  • 80% indicate that third-party certification of environmental claims is important.
* Source: Edelman goodpurpose; Cone, LLC


1% for the Planet grew 40% in 2010. Our member businesses are thriving - proving that corporate investments in causes of sustainability simply make good business sense. 
Join us. Your 1% can make a real difference.

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