Friday, May 4, 2012

The Pokies People...

Supermarkets and pokies? If you're shopping at Coles or Woolies, the two are more closely related than you might realise. 

Wesfarmers (Coles) and Woolies don't want us to know that shopping at their stores means buying from companies that own and operate the largest number of electronic poker machines in the country. Together, they own more dangerous high loss machines than the top five Las Vegas casinos combined.

Worse still? 40% of that revenue comes directly from problem gamblers, people gambling not out of choice and for fun, but out of addiction.

Right now, Coles and Woolworths executives are considering whether to do the right thing by the community by making their poker machines safer. 

The impact of this campaign depends on how far and wide we spread it. Check out the video and share it today: 

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