Saturday, November 27, 2010

Insight... Blind man can see..

My wife works at a High School around the area that has one thousand students and covers an area about one square mile.
She came home two days ago and told me about a student that enrolled from outa town. The boy was born with no eyes and has never ever had the chance to see this beautiful world we live on.
I don't know his name, but the story my wife told me has absolutely blown my mind.
The boy was taken to school and lead around every corridor, every room, every part of the school grounds for four hours total, not four days, not four months, four hours!
He went to school the next day unaided and was able to remember the WHOLE SCHOOL and to this day has no problem getting himself to class.
Imagine trying to get yourself safely around your home for four hours without the privilege of being able to see. Just the thought of it gives me a brain freeze and makes me think of how many special people are out there just doing their thing.

Thought this was worth sharing......... Get busy living people and have a good time doing it.... Nav

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