Friday, February 25, 2011

The Piscatorial Pictorial

Dan got a stack of nice looking Christiaan Bradleys the other day and wanted some art on his boards that reminded him of home and meant something to him. He eventually asked "Can you draw a snapper?" It made sense as Dave 'Baddy' Treloar has had a lifetime of snapper angling and Rossy joined him on a more than a few occasions over the years. Add to that the Quiksilver Pro just around the corner I'm not surprised that the word 'snapper' was bubbling in his subconscious!

As we sketched the snapper, I told Rossy about a time when my dad joined Baddy fishing......

They were 7km off yamba and there were 4 lines in the water. Baddy is focussed like a buddhist monk and conversation ended when they pulled up over the reef 3 hours earlier. Baddy has been whistling his two tone trademark whistle non stop the whole time. My dad finally gets fed up with the silence broken only by Baddy's 'two tone serenade' and asks cheekily "What's the lyrics to that song you are whistling?"

Baddy's just turned to him with a serious expression and said "Sna - pper... Sna - pper... Sna -pper"

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