Sunday, February 20, 2011

Surfing's "Amazing" Race...

Do we have a winner at long last?

The idea of Man-made waves have captured the imagination of surfers since surfing began, from strategically placed river walls and groynes (us groins) to sand dredging rives, to man-made barrier reefs and foreign more recently novelty wave pools...

None have really proved realistic, big enough or financially viable to take off, which leaves the question as to why???

Here's a video summary of some of the latest, you decide..

The winner may ultimately be Surfing (and possibly to a greater degree Self Indulgence), but has anyone really asked the big questions like;
  1. Whats the environmental impacts / costs of such developments?
  2. How much energy is required to create and continuously generate these waves, when Mother Nature does her best work for nothin'?
  3. Are these developments encouraging exploitation of precious resources instead of conservation at a time of Climate Change?
  4. Are Wave Pools really the wave of the future?
OR just a modern day Gold Rush for the developers to capitalise, at whatever the expense...

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