Thursday, May 5, 2011

Plastic Bag Free Torquay,,,

Surfers fight against plastic bags 
Geelong Advertiser 29th April 2011


SURFERS are banding together to protect their watery play-ground in a fight against plastic bags this year.
Cats skipper Cameron Ling is known for his love of surfing, and has been named ambassador for the Plastic Bag Free Torquay campaign along with World Qualifying Series surfer Jack Perry. ‘‘It’s a fantastic initiative, and just so important to keep our waterways clean,’’ Ling said. ‘‘I was also blown away by the story on how there’s apparently a plastic island the size of Texas just floating in the ocean. ‘‘You do see a few plastic bags
out in the water here as well.’’
World No. 22 Daniel Ross, who also coached Sally Fitzgibbons to her Bells win this year, was on hand to push the campaign yesterday. The environmentally-minded surfer donates a portion of his income to organisations focused on sustainability, and said he was inspired to raise awareness of the Plastic Bag Free Torquay initiative. ‘‘I’m definitely excited to be a part of this, I’ll get behind any environmental initiative that
keeps rubbish out of the ocean,’’ Ross said. ‘‘I’m sponsored by Patagonia, which has a really good environ-
mental ethos, and have also partnered with 1 per cent For The Planet. ‘‘The water is our playground,
so it’s an issue that’s definitely close to home for us.’’

The campaign is headed by Jan Juc’s Stacie Bobele, who has been surveying local businesses and hopes to assist them in making the plastic-free transition.

Plastic Bag Free Torquay is looking for volunteers to help drive the campaign. For more information, go to

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