Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Patagonia Dan Ross Surf Camp Wraps Up at Casuarina

Dan Ross with the camp participants
Dan Ross executes his skills in the surf
(Wednesday June 29, 2011, Coolangatta, QLD): PROFESSIONAL surfer Dan Ross (Yamba, NSW) played mentor to a mixed group of junior surfers at Surfing Australia’s High Performance Centre (HPC) over the weekend, with his Patagonia Daniel Ross Surf Camp wrapping up.

Kids from all across the country were all smiles as they asked Ross about his life on the tour and his personal training tips.

Participants were put through an extensive HPC program which included; warm up and preparation strategies for heats, physical training programs, video analysis of every surfing session, and heat simulations and strategies.

Ross, 30, is renowned for his superior fitness and competition strategies that give him the edge in close competition. He has coached the Red Bull team including Julian Wilson and Sally Fitzgibbons and his training programs are known to help surfers to achieve their best competition results.

“I guess one of the aims of attending the camp is to pass on the knowledge that I have learnt over my surfing career to the next generation of junior surfers,” said Ross.

“I remember when I was a young surfer, I took every chance I had to have a chat and learn from pro surfers. Even if just one bit of information I give the camp participants sinks in, that information can be used for the rest of their life.”

“Most of the principals that we have discussed during the camp the surfers will be able to apply to their surfing straight away and hopefully begin to grow as a result.”

“I am stoked to have the opportunity to work with the next generation of surfers at my own surf camp. All the participants were at such a good level, especially the girls. They were really pushing their surfing out in the water and I was really impressed”.

Participants of the Patagonia Daniel Ross Surf Camp included:
Arree Fielding (QLD)
Chris Zaffis (NSW)
Duke Nagtzaam (WA)
Noah Sievert-Kloster (QLD)
Keely Andrew (Qld)
Tyrone Reynolds (Qld)
Michael Baker (Qld)
Luca Rauvenheimar (Qld)
Dane Fox (NSW)
Jasper Hancock ( NSW)
Alex Byrne (NSW)
Sam Poncini (Qld)
Laura Poncini (Qld)
Chiana Ireland (Qld)

The Patagonia Daniel Ross High Performance Camp was proudly supported by Surfing Australia, The Australian Sports Commission, Suncorp and Patagonia.

Each camper also received an individual goodies pack supplied by Patagonia for attending the Patagonia Daniel Ross High Performance Camp.

For all camp bookings and further information please contact James Eggington (HPC Manager) or visit

Phone: (02)66749868

Media Contact:
Jake White, Surfing Australia, M. 0422 987 069 

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