Saturday, August 20, 2011

Andy King - "Ears Off"

I"ve been meaning to post these Photo's of Kingy for a while now, and after catching up with him in the channel at Chopes today, i paddled off into the lineup with a smile. And later thought how significant these photos of him are.

When i was navigating my way through a few barrels( way smaller than this one ), i realized how much i rely on my sense of hearing to know how close the lip is to my head, so that i dont get clipped, cartwheel off my board and hit the reef :) .. let alone the effect it has on my balance.

Kingy doesn't have this privilege out in the water.
So going from teaching yourself how to walk again .. to weaving you way through a solid pit like this- is why one of my best mates inspires me every time i see him.  Especially before a 12ft plus chopes swell is about to hit.. Cheers Kingdawg.

1 comment:

  1. Kingy's a legend! One of the best humans ever. Keep ripping, buddy.


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