Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Surf is where you find it - Gerry Lopez interview...

hierarchy/‘huyuhrahkee/. noun, plural hierarchies. 1. any system of persons or things in a graded order, etc. (Source — The Macquarie Dictionary)

As a 14 year old he was the Hawaiian State surfing champion but he wasn’t being lauded as the next big thing because back in the early 60’s, the only “next big thing” people talked about in surfing was the next big set of waves. Gerry Lopez went on to become one of the best tube riders in the world, in fact he’s referred to as Mr Pipeline, as in the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii. He’s an actor, surfboard shaper and author, recently penning Surf Is Where You Find It. So where does the word hierarchy fit in? Bernadette Young finds out.

ABC Gold Coast interview by Bernadette Young. Gerry Lopez SURF IS WHERE YOU FIND IT AUSTRALIAN BOOK TOUR- Manly, Sydney City, Torquay, Gold Coast 2012.

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