Friday, September 14, 2012


As part of a New Future program, our V.Co-Logical Series represents Volcom's environmentally conscious movement towards sustainability and 1% of every dollar customers spend in this category goes to select environmental protection organizations by way of 1% For The Planet. Fall 12 premium quality Volcom Brand Jeans with environmentally conscious V.Co-Logical efforts--
1. Renewed Selvage Denim (100% USA Made): The existing Cone Selvedge denim used to produce these jeans was made in the USA at the White Oak factory in North Carolina. By renewing old premium / limited denim in a way that is giving new value to an existing product, this program helps us lower our environmental impact. In addition these jeans have been cut and sewn in the USA, making them 100% USA made.
2. Water Saving & Chemical Free Denim: Our most environmentally conscious denim to date. The wash used to create these save an estimated 17 gallons of water per jean, resulting in a 94% decrease in the amount of water used compare to conventional methods. Furthermore, by using ozone bleaching and laser finishing, when compared to more conventional methods, a 100% reduction of chemicals used in the wash of these jeans make them easier on the environment and on the people finishing them.
3. Organic Cotton Denim: These jeans contain 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without toxic chemicals and utilizes biological pest control methods, relying on natural fertilizers to dramatically reduce the crop's environmental impact.,default,sc.html

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