Friday, November 19, 2010

Clash Of The Legends!

  The Clash Of the Legends heat was held in 6-8ft perfect Haleiwa the other day .
Tom Carrol , Occy ,Tom Curren and Sunny were tearing the place to bits, pushing each other and showing the tour how the 8ft rip bowl should be surfed .
  For me it was one of the best heats i have ever seen! I was so excited just being able to watch it and I know that when the surf picks up again on sunday i will be aiming to draw similar lines .
  A Tom Curren carve into the barrel, or one of those backside jams that Occ throws down is what its all about.. pure surfing !!
  Jump online this sunday and watch the icons go at it in their final heat!
It will be mental.

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