Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mark Mathews.....

Here's another Fresh Mullet exclusive, Mark Mathews is the kinda guy we here at FM head quarters get stoked on. Mark loves surfing, turns his dreams into reality, works hard and gives to others which is what its all about. Read on and draw inspiration......

FM: How was that last session you had in West Oz?
MM: It was nuts! Biggest swell of the year down there. But I hurt my knee second wave. I managed too get a couple fun ones before it got too sore though.

FM: What have you been doing in London?
MM: Corporate training programs. We built a virtual surfing program called sea of change. We use it to teach relationship and teambuilding skills
Sustained performance and dealing with fear and stress etc.. Kinda hard too explain. It's at

FM: You got a message to any young surfers out there about why it is you train, and work on all the areas - physical /emotional and mental. and/or how it has influenced your life and career .
MM: I'm not the most talented surfer but I've managed to still make a career out of surfing. I did it by training harder and putting in more effort in than everyone around me. I get too live the dream now. Getting to surf for a living. All the extra training was worth it!

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